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Marie Kruttli Marie Kruttli Trio

Marie Kruttli Marie Kruttli Trio

The Marie Kruttli Trio inspires, vivid, fresh, brilliant and audacious. The swiss pianist creates with a sophisticated and personal language. a deep rhythmical and harmonical research.Thanks to the interpretation of the trio, full of lightness and groove, this music speaks to the body and the heart. With a mature sound, a special esthetic and a bewitching virtuosity, the three musicians deliver a highly pertinent music. No hipster minimalism, no irony but clear and powerful ideas. Kruttli’s playing impresses at every level, delivering with defined ease, complex rhythms, colorful harmonics and overlapping tones. She navigates her band through a mysterious, soulful musical landscape.

What distingues the young pianist from her peers is her confident and straightforward delivery of a vast array of original musical. Deeply indebted to composers such as Stravinski, Debussy and Ravel, she is at home in a wide range of dazzling melodic patterns, effortlessly mastering the most sophisticated chord changes. This trio emerges at an exciting time in Jazz history, when boundaries are being pushed, revised and pushed again. Their organic style is both, exciting and innovative.

(Text: Künstlerin, Agentur)

  • Bewerberin: Marie Kruttli
  • Projekt/Titel: Marie Kruttli Trio
  • Land: CH
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